Week in Review

sharing events of the past week

Hello friends,

I am here again to gist you about my week.

  1. The week started off with me writing an exam I had to prepare for in just one week. I had thought the result would have been out by the time of this email but not yet which means you’d have to wait till next week.

  2. I got nominated for an award and I was requested to send certain documents across plus several essays. I really do not like essays but I am learning. I will keep the award name private for now until the final list is released. You will hear about it don’t worry.

  3. I got confirmation of my nomination into two categories of MIPAD100(MIPAD means Most Influential People of African Descent). The categories are Under 40 and Health/COVID Special Edition. I feel I will make the Health/COVID Special edition. Fingers crossed till next week when the final unveiling will be done.

  4. I had an amazing interview with Esther Chukwujekwu, a former Miss Kanekalon (our ladies will know this brand if they make use of wigs, etc) beauty queen. She shared with me her travails with mental health growing up which led her to become an advocate. Catch the interview here.

  5. Saturdays are for Podcasts. This week’s episode talks about 7 Fear Archetypes and How To Handle Them. You should listen to it and take the assessment as well.

  6. Earlier in the month, there was a webinar on Workplace Bullying where #HR and Mental Health professionals came together to discuss how to tackle this menace as well as providing help to people who experience this. By popular request, the 2+hr recording is available for a token. Click to get yours

  7. I got a scholarship into an Executive MBA commencing October this year. You don’t know how happy I am.

  8. You can join my telegram channel where news about training will be posted as well as other opportunities.

    On books I am reading, I am currently not reading any however, I desire to have a particular book; Think Like A Monk by Jay Shetty. Sadly, Amazon doesn’t ship to Nigeria.

P.S. I am looking for a better name for this weekend roundup.

Enough of me. How did your week go? I desire to read from you.

Cheers to a new week and may it bring you glad things.