TRAUMA from Police Brutality

first aid to trauma from police brutality

In the wake of the widespread protests across the country, a number of people will experience some form of trauma 

Trauma from police brutality doesn’t happen to just the persons being brutalized or harassed but can also spill over to the neighbors.

I’ve heard stories of people killed during the protest and I am first of all reminded of what those around would be feeling

How do you handle trauma from events  like this?

1. Don’t deny your fear: own up to the fact that you’re scared and terrified 

2. Don’t be in a hurry to carry out any task : when trauma sets in, there’s usually a sort of dis-coordination hence any attempt to do anything tangible would lead to more mistakes 

3. Find yourself: if you’re out of the house, find a safe place to sit , take deep breath and stay until your panting subsides.

4. Don’t be selfish : don’t bring the savior complex upon yourself. Seek help. Call a friend or call a professional. 

More tips in my video and podcast coming.

Please seek help if you’re in that condition