The Prisons We Put Ourselves In

you need to set yourself free.

It is a beautiful Tuesday here at my desk from where I write this piece to you, my dear friends.

I have been quiet in the past days because I was trying to work on things that I felt I was foot-dragging on.

As I reflected on these things and the timelines I had given myself, I realized I just might have imprisoned myself.

I began to ask myself why I do what I do

Why do I accept invitation to speak even when there is no speaking fee allocation?

Why do I organize webinars yet charged nothing(by the way the Workplace Bullying and harassment webinar was a hit. Recording available for a fee).

Why do I make videos and not charge a dime

Sometimes I feel like I am in a prison I have created for myself.

Only people can create prisons. If you find yourself in one, ask yourself who put you there and why.

It’s mainly us putting ourselves in prisons of doubt, shame, and fear.

You sometimes doubt that no one would buy your product

No one would read your blog posts or newsletter(I feel this way sometimes)

No one would watch your Youtube Videos(I still have a 24hr video on Youtube with no view lol)

No one would listen to your podcast(mine is not pulling the weight I had expected. Should I stop?)

In spite of all these questions that beg for answers, the real deal is you starting.

Don’t be caught in the web of doubts, shame, fear, discouragement etc

Don’t create a prison for yourself.

Do it anyway.

Postscript: My book on snoring is now out on early order basis.

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