Your perspective is everything!!

Certain times we desire things and we attempt to get those things.  Some people get those things easily whole for others it is a struggle.

It is a different ball game when there is another person to make the decision that will hand it over to you or deprive you of it.

Rejection can come from anyone and anybody however, it is important to see to it that the approach to take when a relationship ends due to verbal abuse is not the same when it comes to applications. When you get rejected for a job, scholarship or any other type of application, understand that you were not rejected but your application or curriculum vitae was rejected. 

My first rejection came many years ago when I was seeking admission into university of Lagos to study medicine. On two different occasion my name didn’t make it to the list. Then I tried applying to the University of Ilorin thinking I was going to get called upon since I passed the post-UTME but nothing came from that sojourn except another rejection.  

There is a point you will get to where you will begin to ask yourself if you are good enough for anything. Please do not go that route. The moment you begin to think this way, you are on a journey to questioning your self esteem. Self esteem is how you see yourself which then influences how you present yourself to others.

Rejections May come from differing people or organisations but see it from the perspective and lens. Understand that you are not rejected but your application was. As earlier opined, the end of a relationship is not the same as rejection therefore, do not feel rejected by your lover when the relationship is brought to a halt. 

Conclusively, the question we must ask ourselves daily is: how do I see myself? When you are able to see yourself clearly, you will be able to tell others about you.

I hope this changes your perspective on rejection and how you see yourself.

Cheers to a new day.

P.S. The picture above is that of my friend Shola aka Sniper Ajix on Twitter. He is a photographer and you know what that means with respect to perspective.