My week in review

New lessons learnt


I’m here this week to give you a run down of how my week went.

It is no competition. I deliberately stated that so you won’t feel bad or elated by the time you read mine.

My week started off with having multiple sessions back to back. I had to reschedule some due to fatigue.

Yes! You must acknowledge when you’re tired and rest. That’s the only way you can be productive and also maintain a good mental health stand.

My weekly Instagram Live show resumed this week as well and we had an interesting conversation which was about women adjusting to work after childbirth. It was explosive.

Did you miss it? Sorry about that.
Yesterday, I released my 35th episode of my podcast titled “Toxic Positivity”.

Listen here : Toxic Positivity

I also uploaded a new video titled : How To Enjoy Breakup/Divorce

I have now moved my Facebook community to Telegram since I have lost access to my Facebook account of over 7 years. This is painful and I must say I am open to receiving help from anyone on how I can recover my my access(details when you reach out via

The Rising Heroes Community gives me opportunity to share things with you quickly than waiting to send you a mail.

Please join : Rising Heroes

We got more people join us here during the week. Thank you for joining .

Invite your friends and colleagues.

This week holds so much for me as I look forward to a number of things. I hope that this week brings smile to your face and that your strength be renewed.

That you faint not but be resolved to keep pushing

Above all, that you’re not shy to ask for help when you need one.

I value you!!