My Week in Retrospect

A Friday edition where I share about my past week.

I remember promising you that I will be reaching out to you on Fridays telling you how my week went and plans for the new week.

So this last week, I had a tough time putting things together because I have been bothered about a certain issue, bullying and harassment.

This is one matter that gets to me anytime I hear about it or perceive it is what a person is attempting to do. I decided to put forward a webinar to address this matter (see flyer below).

This week, I concluded my book on Snoring and Insomnia(2 different books that I intend to sell to you so get ready). It was a bit awkward because I know I snore once in a while so I was asking myself if it makes sense to write on it but then I silenced it and wrote it by the way.

I was able to release just one video this week(on youtube) as I was lazy and didn’t feel like doing videos. It took some energy to do that but I did it anyway.

I am reminded this week of how delicate our skin can be. My sister had surgery last week and she had to remove the stitches this week. In the process, some gaped making me realize that the skin is very delicate.

I got featured by Ynaija and Vanguard where the news of our VR therapy was mentioned.

This coming week, I am excited because my book will be out and I can’t wait to put it forth. It will cost just $10/NGN3,000 for each Ebook.

I am excited because registration for the webinar will soar this week.

The Rise Above Show returns in September and I have been able to get speakers for the whole of September.

This week, I will take things slowly.

Strategize for more clients

Make more money

Eat, play and sleep.

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