How Do You Breakup Peacefully?

I consider this a funny question..

Let me just say that I struggled with sending this email.

I wasn’t sure if I should involve you in my podcast details or just leave you out of it.

I then thought for a second, the worst that could happen is you would leave this conversation but I know you wouldn’t because you want to have a conversation with me.

Someone challenged me to dedicate an episode of my podcast to breakups and how you can break up successfully.

I sat down and asked myself if it was really possible to do this.

I have broken up with beautiful ladies in the weirdest of ways such as sending a text message or sending an email(don’t you dare laugh at me or get angry).

In fact, in one of those happenings, I called the lady after the text message to explain why I was breaking up. The second happened via email where I gave a short epistle on why I needed to walk away.

What happened next?

You know I have been on the giving end in all the two above, but for this third happening, I was the star of the *Left Behind Story*. It hit me differently.

I am not sure the lady was nice to me.

I am not sure the breakup was peaceful but what I know is that it did hit me and dragged me for years.

Guess what? I wouldn’t blame here.

Okay, let me stop here.

Go listen to the podcast yourself.

Listen Here

It is Sunday in this part of the world as I sit to send you this email.

I do hope you have a great week ahead of you.

See you in the coming week.