Explain Why You’re Stressed!

rather, pick your side

I know a number of people have wished you happy new month so there’s no need to say it again. Yeah?

Okay let me say it so you won’t hold it against me.

Happy new month and welcome to September.

This is the first conversation we’re having this month and it begins with a question: are you stressed or are you a stressor?

I came across a video and it got me thinking about how sometimes we are the ones stressing ourselves or other people.

Sometimes you’re the stress agent stressing yourself while other times you’re the one stressing others.

Today, pick a side of the divide or you leave both.

Don’t run away from what is true. If you’re stressed and you’re the one stressing yourself, cut the chase and seek help.

If you’re the stressor in other people’s life, cut it and ask yourself why you’re like that.

Don’t hate yourself

Just be true.
Click the text below 👇🏾to watch!!!

Are You A Stressor

Talk to you soon