Empathy & Influence

from Dan Pedersen

Today, I thought to share something I came across that hit me hard with you all.

It was said by Dan Pedersen.

If you want to influence someone, you’ll probably have to meet them where they are.

You’ll need to empathize. They have to see that you and they aren’t so different—that you’re much more alike than not.

And that you care.

P.S. There is a new video on the Youtube channel.

This is the story of Esther Chukwujeku, Kanekalon's First Beauty Queen. She shares her story on why she became a mental health advocate.

She shared how she doesn’t want teenagers to feel the huge void she felt growing up as a teenager.

The story is beyond the advocacy but a call out that you should start that thing you wish you had or support those who are doing it.

Why I Became A Mental Health Advocate by Kanekalon Beauty Queen-Esther C...