Elements Of Success

Do not waste potentials

Hello friends,

I have been away for a while and for that, I apologize.

While I was away, I brooded on the issue of success and potentials.

We all attribute success to certain things and elements.

As we grow older, we are able to change this thought, sometimes while it might have stuck at other times.

In my twenties, I thought the key to success was determination. Now I think it’s a combination of education, mindfulness, and determination.

Remove any one of those elements and you’ll likely handicap your chances of succeeding. You’ll still have some wins, but you likely won’t go as far.

Talking of wasted potentials, most of us have reached only a fraction of our potential, in terms of education, mindfulness, health, empathy, creativity, etc. Imagine if everyone were living up to their potential, or at least trying to. It’s difficult to overstate how much better this world could be.

Well, that and many more are my current thoughts on success.

What do you think?

Let me know.

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I will talk to you soon.